Black Lipstick

Crystal Perkins Black Lipstick
What up, I’m wearing black lipstick.

As part of the whole trying new things goal, I bought black lipstick. And then I actually wore it.

Makeup has always been fun for me. In high school I had dozens of eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lipsticks in tons of colors. Color is wonderful. Since entering adulthood, I’ve kind of lessened my fearless coloring to opt for more neutral makeup. It’s just more practical, and a little more budget friendly. But when I saw Katy Perry’s lipstick collection for Covergirl had black lipstick, I knew that Perry Panther was a must-buy.

When I tried it on at home, it was startling to see such a bold color. It’s a lot different than the reds and pinks I hover around. The lipstick itself is decent drugstore quality. It takes quite a few coats to get the black color even and dark. I wasn’t sure that I would wear this anywhere but a club.

Since I didn’t foresee myself clubbing anytime soon, I planned an outfit that I felt would complement my lipstick and help me feel less out of place. Then I went out for a normal day of errands.

I’m a born and raised Portlander, so people wearing strange things (or nothing for that matter) doesn’t exactly phase me. But in the more conservative parts of Eastern Idaho, extreme dress is a bit rarer. So the obvious stares I got were not a surprise. I actually thought it was pretty funny. I watched several people walk by while their heads stared at my face the entire time.

The thing about wearing makeup, clothing, or whatever else is that you have to wear it with confidence. And like what you’re wearing. I liked the black and I liked the way it made me look. I don’t think it’s an everyday wear, but I think it’s a fun collection piece. Katy Perry’s collection also has a pretty lavender color that I’m dying to try!

Wear what makes you happy and wear it with confidence. Trends don’t start when everyone stays within the lines.

What have you tried that’s against the grain? Would you try black lipstick?

Xx Crystal


6 thoughts on “Black Lipstick

  1. Kudos to you for trying this colour and you are carrying it very well.
    I too would love to try something like this 🙂 I agree, why follow trends?


  2. I’m black enough without trying to rock black makeup. But I like to try new things, and have been known to be a bit more edgy in my life than most people I know; including family. The thing with most people in our society today is that they think “Goth” when they see black lips. Interestingly enough, mainstream models, music types, and actors can get away with most everything. Once they rock it, it’s a thing. You do what sends you to the moon. And love it!

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