I Hate Reading

When I was really young, I learned to read. And when I learned to read I didn’t stop. I gobbled up dozens and dozens of books. Junie B. Jones was my original home girl. Harry Potter and the gang were my fellow wizarding friends. And Ronald Dahl showed me candy factories and sly foxes are more than they appear.

I love reading. That’s how I knew I wanted to be an English major. Studying books is basically a dream come true. My cliché moment of the day: Books take us to other places, other worlds, into the minds we would never otherwise know.

I love reading too because, honestly, I’m good at it. It’s something I’ve been doing for so long, I know how to read better. Which means, I understand the plot and characters. I can analyze the living daylights off of any page. And I like to do that.

DSC_0034 (2)
I love books so much, I want my picture with them. Shout out to my husband for being (mostly) willing to take pictures of me and my first love.

When I tell people what I majored in, I get a lot of responses that are like I could never do that, too much reading and writing. And that’s totally fine. It is a lot a work and it does take a lot of patience and skill to be good at both of those things, just like anything else.

But I will tell you that it drives me crazy when people tell me that they hate reading. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when I hear that, I’m a little sad. To me that usually means they have a hard time reading because they’re picking books that just not the right books for them.

Think about the first time you were exposed to reading books. It was probably at school. I did not get my love of reading from school. That was just me. And I can say that because I remember what it was like reading most of my assigned books in high school; it was boring!

Maybe you’re thinking how could someone who loves books so much say that books are boring? I can say that because not every single books is made for every single person. I’m a big believer that students should read easier, more contemporary pieces to spark more interest. Hundreds of books are published every year, but we still have high schoolers read The Scarlet Letter? Seems strange to me. And I would never say that those books should never be read. Nathaniel Hawthorne is a great artist. But high schoolers, children, don’t care.

All I am saying is if you put the right kind of books, both in content and reading level, into the hands of anyone, I would have a hard time believing that they would hate it.

Reading is a way of communicating and sharing. There are so many beautiful and sad things that can be learned from reading. Not to mention the hours of entertainment that can come from one novel.

I love reading. I’m always going to love reading. And I’m always going to be a big advocate for more reading. Find books that interest you and get lost in them (another cliché, I know!)

Soapbox over.

Xx Crystal

What books are you reading these days?


3 thoughts on “I Hate Reading

  1. Lol… when i read the title ‘ I HATE READING’… i got angry… i was coming up with points in my head against you… then when i read the post i realized we are on the same boat…… i love reading too… actually i am addicted to it..
    The title is interesting.. good way to attract readers.. 🙂

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