Getting Married Young

Stage One: Trick him into thinking you’re really freakin’ amazing.

Ah, young love. It’s so pretentious to say. But when you’re 21 (me) and 20 (Mitch), and getting married, it is young love.

There’s a lot of debate about when to get married. Or if you should get married at all. It’s a very personal decision. No one else except you can decide that. So let me throw in my two cents of what I have experience in: getting married young.

Mitchell and I met in high school. We were friends, but we weren’t that close. Over the years we moved around, forgot about each other, etc. Life happens. Then we ended up going to the same university.

I met up with him his first week up here to try and be nice, catch up, see if he was as cute and charming as I remembered. Of course he live on the opposite side of campus from where I lived, and January in our small college town is pretty much when Elsa turns your town into a snowy blizzard mess in real life. Bringing out my charm I complained the whole time we walked to his apartment.

Stage Two: Trick into marriage.

After a short visit, I left thinking it was an unremarkable visit. A little later I received a text from Mitch wondering if I would like to go to some basketball function or other. And me, bringing that Crystal Charm back, replied with a curt no.

And that was the last time we talked until the fall. Both of us had gone back to our hometown in Oregon to work during our semester off. That’s when Mitchell started working at my glamorous employer: the Movie Theater. So while we both smelled of popcorn, watched too many free movies, and earned meager pay, we started crushing on each other. Like a lot (I guess I can really only speak for myself here, but I’m pretty sure he was basically in love with me by them).

Basically, it was all history from there. The point of this story is not to show you that I’m actually not charming, but that timing is so important. Mitchell and I met half a dozen times throughout our lives, but it wasn’t until we were both ready that we could form a relationship and form a relationship into marriage.

Getting married is not an easy decision and I’m really going to make you puke when I say that you just know when you’re ready, and you just know when it’s the right person. So our marriage was something that started when we were young; that’s just our timeline.

Get married when you’re ready. Heck, get in a relationship only when you’re ready.

Another huge thing for us was not asking other people’s opinions. Which is a little ironic since I’m low-key shoving my opinion in your face. But we kept our relationship to ourselves. We kept the relationship’s progress to ourselves. It is, after all, our relationship.

Crystal Perkins Getting Married Young Married Young
Stage Three:Give up tricks and decide you guys are still okay for each other.

Getting married is something you talk about with your significant other (obviously!). So talk it over, let feelings and dreams be clear. Get married young. Get married old. Don’t get married at all. It’s your choice.

This advice also can be applicable to your wedding day choices, but that’s a whole other story.

Xx Crystal